Vegan cookies [recipe]

vegan biscuits

Sometimes you want something for tea or just crunch after watching a libel series or a movie. And most of the food from the shops is stuffed with chemistry. Therefore, I'll tell you today how to prepare a simple, tasty and useful vegan cookie without flavoring and coloring. Read more «Vegan cookies [recipe]»

Vegan Shawarma [recipe]

vegan shaurma

Sometimes there is no time or just too lazy to prepare complex dishes, and fast food is not very useful. Shaurma can come to the aid, and in our case vegan shawarma . Read more «Vegan Shaurma [recipe]»

Vegan pancakes [recipe]

vegan pancakes

On vegan food, you can easily cook almost all the dishes of traditional cuisine. The animal products are quietly replaced by vegetable products. Today I will tell you how to prepare vegan pancakes . We will do this without eggs, milk and yeast. Yes, it's possible and it's delicious. Read more «Vegan pancakes [recipe]»

A simple raw snack

Baked Pumpkin in the oven [2 recipes with photos]

Pumpkin is a hearty and delicious treat. From a pumpkin you can cook a dessert, a side dish or an independent dish. It is very nutritious, due to starch. If the variety is unsweetened, you can replace the pumpkin with potatoes. The baked pumpkin in the oven is the simplest recipe and I'll tell you about it today. Read more «Baked Pumpkin in the oven [2 recipes with photos]»

Boiled Corn [Recipe]

In the shops and markets, there were fresh corn cobs, which means that you can diversify the menu with new tastes. Young corn is beautiful in its raw form, especially if it is sweet. In boiled it is softer and tastes slightly different, but it is also delicious. Read more «Boiled Corn [Recipe]»

Vegan Rolls

Sometimes you want to pamper yourself with an unusual dish with an unusual taste and such a dish can easily become a roll. Vegan rolls differ from the classic only in filling, otherwise the principle of preparation is identical. Read more «Vegan Rolls»

Vegan cutlets from lentils

Today I will tell you a recipe for delicious vegan cutlets, prepared by my wife. To taste very similar to meat cutlets, only tender and low-fat. Such vegan cutlets can be added to a hamburger or used as a filling for a pie. The basis of the recipe is a green lentil. Read more «Vegan cutlets from lentils»

Vegan pie in a quick way: recipe

Vegan dishes are absolutely high-grade and quietly replace any dish of traditional cuisine. Today you will learn a very quick way to prepare a vegan pie with potatoes and tofu. This combination gives the cake a taste of chicken. Read more «Vegan pie in a quick way: recipe»

Vegan pancakes

We all come from childhood, and many of us are reminded of food, especially when my grandmother cooked. And as without the morning pancakes or fritters with jam. But time passes, and you want to feel the taste of childhood, but without much harm to health. For this, vegan pancakes are perfect , and today I will tell a simple recipe, naturally without milk and eggs, using whole-grain flour and cane sugar. Read more «Vegan pancakes»