The right combination of food

The right combination of food

Many people think (or do not think) that our body is a factory for processing any food. And such people in different forms suffer from digestive problems, but simply ignore them (to drink a tablet after a dense feast is a common thing). It turns out the products can and must be competently combined, so that digestion works "like a clock." Just the right combination of food , without restrictions in food, gives tremendous results. Read more "The right combination of food"

How to cook coconut chips

How to get rid of food addiction

How to get rid of food addiction

Food is our everything. With food, all the holidays, rest, pleasant events, stress and everyday life are connected. Today, food is a POWERFUL industry that affects all areas of a person's life. It is a huge conveyor, based on satisfying growing needs, creating new ones and forming food dependence. By the way, have you ever wondered why you are so drawn to harmful food? Why do coffee and chocolate cause dependence, and the apple and carrot are not? And how to get rid of food addiction ? Read more "How to get rid of food addiction"

How to crack coconut at home

You decided to taste the natural, coconut and do not know how to approach it. Today, I'll tell you a couple of ways how to crack coconut at home quickly and without problems. Read more "How to crack coconut at home"

10 useful habits for every day

In order for life to be full and harmonious, one must perform certain actions every day. And everyday actions turn into habits that shape our lives. Today I will list 10 useful habits for every day that will make you better. Read more "10 useful habits for every day"

How to replace harmful products

Nowadays there is a lot of refined, canned and fast food. White flour and sugar have become the foundation of the food industry. But fortunately any harmful product can always be replaced by useful. Let's understand what to replace the harmful products . Read more "How to replace harmful products"

How to live in any city without meat, milk, eggs and fast food

Most people live by their habits, not paying attention to cause-effect relationships. Here and now it's good, but tomorrow we'll see. If he fell ill, then he went to the doctor, received a prescription and drank tablets. Or I just went to the pharmacy and after consulting with the pharmacist I bought medicines, without thinking what or why. Also with food, we buy and eat, what we see around or what advertising advises. If most live like this, then it's normal. Paradox. Read more "How to live in any city without meat, milk, eggs and fast food"