Vegetarianism and fish

Vegetarianism is a rejection of any meat products, but for some reason people decided that fish and seafood are not meat. I, too, when I first encountered vegetarianism, at first I used fish, and only after a couple of months I excluded it, because vegetarianism and fish are incompatible things. Read more «Vegetarianism and fish»

Meat and vegetarianism: the hidden truth

People stopped thinking about what they eat. Everything happens on the machine, and recipes are passed down from generation to generation. For example, dishes such as, Christmas duck, stuffed fish, meat in French have become commonplace. Pieces of chicken are bought, as different varieties of apples, and in fact these are parts of the animal's body. And the animal comes from the word "living." Each time buying something in the store you are acting on demand, and demand is known to generate supply. Read more "Meat and Vegetarianism: The Hidden Truth"

Vegetarianism and diabetes

One of the most common diseases for today is diabetes mellitus. 90% are type 2 diabetes and 10% are type 1 diabetes. The second type of diabetes is cured, because it is associated mainly with malnutrition and lack of mobility. And the first type is a more complicated disease, which manifests itself from birth or from childhood . But it is also curable. Today you will learn how vegetarianism and diabetes are related. Read more "Vegetarianism and diabetes"

Vegetarianism: Food

Many people, thinking about vegetarian food, imagine eating one grass. We were drilled into the head that "without meat, not life." And no one wants to think about it or is scared that they will take away their favorite food. But everything is much simpler, if one time to figure it all out. Read more «Vegetarianism: Food»

Children and Vegetarianism

Many are frightened by the fact that children will not grow up without meat, where they can get protein. And after all, children are originally born vegetarians, their first earthly food is mother's milk, it remains the main source of food for almost a year. Children and vegetarianism are a perfectly healthy and adequate union. Read more "Children and Vegetarianism"

Harm cow's milk

We have been accustomed to drinking milk in very different forms: in pure form, butter, cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream, yoghurt, mixtures, baby food, cocktails, cereals, baked goods, tea, cocoa and coffee. Almost everywhere. Even in the womb, dairy products come to us. At "every corner" we hear about the benefits, while not knowing about the harm of cow's milk . Read more "Harm of cow milk"

Than meat is harmful to humans

Meat has become an integral part of almost any diet. It is sold in any store, there is in every house. We have been taught from the childhood to eat meat, believing that without it we simply will not survive. But for some reason people in India somehow survive, they have a very widespread vegetarianism. Read more "Than meat is harmful to humans"

Vegetarianism and health

10 useful habits for every day

In order for life to be full and harmonious, one must perform certain actions every day. And everyday actions turn into habits that shape our lives. Today I will list 10 useful habits for every day that will make you better. Read more "10 useful habits for every day"

Raw breakfast

To diversify the menu on raw food, in addition to vegetables and fruits, you sometimes want something special. Today I'll tell you how you can make a raw breakfast delicious and useful. Read more «Raw breakfast»