My transition to raw food diet 2

How to replace animal protein

The most exciting question for anyone who wants to become a vegetarian or vegan is how to replace animal protein . I want to make everyone happy, there is nothing irreplaceable in animal proteins, otherwise, in plant food, everything that a person needs. I can judge this from my 6-year veterinary experience, wife and son, who is now 1 year and 8 months old. Read more "How to replace animal protein"

How to replace alcohol

I will not write about the harm of alcohol - this is a well-known fact. If you decide to stop drinking alcohol, but family feast pushes from courtesy to observe the tradition, that is, a way out of this situation, in which everyone will be satisfied. The solution is simple - to replace alcohol with soft drinks. Read more «Than to replace alcohol»

The right combination of food

The right combination of food

Many people think (or do not think) that our body is a factory for processing any food. And such people in different forms suffer from digestive problems, but simply ignore them (to drink a tablet after a dense feast is a common thing). It turns out the products can and must be competently combined, so that digestion works "like a clock." Just the right combination of food , without restrictions in food, gives tremendous results. Read more "The right combination of food"

Homemade banana ice cream: recipe

To prepare a delicious, banana ice cream, you do not need much. This is the simplest and at the same time delicious dessert. Surprisingly, it is absolutely raw, but with a creamy taste. Today you will discover the simplest recipe for banana ice cream, which you can eat at any time of the year. Read more «Homemade banana ice cream: recipe»

Raw sirloin

Syedoedchesky Olivier

Sometimes I want to remember the taste of childhood and try a salad, which is present at all celebrations - Olivier. I want to please you, there are a lot of interpretations of this salad, but today I will tell you how to prepare raw olive . Read more "Raw olive"

How to cook coconut chips

How to get rid of food addiction

How to get rid of food addiction

Food is our everything. With food, all the holidays, rest, pleasant events, stress and everyday life are connected. Today, food is a POWERFUL industry that affects all areas of a person's life. It is a huge conveyor, based on satisfying growing needs, creating new ones and forming food dependence. By the way, have you ever wondered why you are so drawn to harmful food? Why do coffee and chocolate cause dependence, and the apple and carrot are not? And how to get rid of food addiction ? Read more "How to get rid of food addiction"

How to cook coconut milk

Natural coconut milk can be easily prepared at home. To do this, you will need a blender, gauze and a container with a lid for storage. Before, to prepare milk, coconut should be opened and drink coconut water from it. To do this, read the article How to crack coconut at home . As a result, you should have coconut pulp, from which you need to make coconut milk . Read more «How to cook coconut milk»

How to crack coconut at home

You decided to taste the natural, coconut and do not know how to approach it. Today, I'll tell you a couple of ways how to crack coconut at home quickly and without problems. Read more "How to crack coconut at home"