Vegan pie in a quick way: recipe

Vegan dishes are absolutely high-grade and quietly replace any dish of traditional cuisine. Today you will learn a very quick way to prepare a vegan pie with potatoes and tofu. This combination gives the cake a taste of chicken. Read more «Vegan pie in a quick way: recipe»

The habit of eating

Food from the means of obtaining energy has become a way of life. The habit of eating haunts us constantly in sorrow and in joy. Any event comes down to a feast. In many countries, the dinner lasts 4 hours. Family time is a get-together with food. Read more «Habit of eating»

Transition to veganism

The reasons for each have their own - someone very fond of animals, someone learned about the dangers of animal products. But in any case, switching to veganism is the right choice. Whatever one may say, veganism has some pluses - saving animals, improving ecology and health. Decreasing demand, supply decreases. Read more «The transition to veganism»

The Benefits of Veganism

We consist of what we eat. Each cell is nourished, in that it enters the stomach. If you eat poison, it is logical that you will feel bad. The use of veganism for the body is to exclude the main poisons of mankind - animal products. Read more "The Benefits of Veganism"

How to germinate green buckwheat for 1 day

Healthy veganism

When you become a vegetarian, you feel special, and then you learn about the dangers of dairy products, exclude all animal products, become a vegan and again feel special. But healthy veganism is not only the exclusion of all animal products. Read more «Healthy veganism»

How to mix products

Whatever type of food you do not adhere to, eat everything in a row just is not worth it. Every product has its own time of assimilation. Many people think that we are a factory for processing everything and everything, and that you can mix products as you like. Read more "How to mix products correctly"

The cult of food

We live at a time when food from the means of saturation has become a way of life. We constantly talk about food, think, read about food, rest and work with food, eat on the go, eat at night, watch movies and read books for food. We developed food dependence . Read more «The cult of food»

Vegans and vegetarians: differences

Now more and more it is becoming popular to be healthy, play sports, read, travel, develop. There are many different diets that have their fans. Also, with the abandonment of animal products, vegans and vegetarians are constantly replenishing their ranks. But what are the differences between vegans and vegetarians ? What goals do they pursue? Read more "Vegans and vegetarians: differences"

Vegan pancakes

We all come from childhood, and many of us are reminded of food, especially when my grandmother cooked. And as without the morning pancakes or fritters with jam. But time passes, and you want to feel the taste of childhood, but without much harm to health. For this, vegan pancakes are perfect , and today I will tell a simple recipe, naturally without milk and eggs, using whole-grain flour and cane sugar. Read more «Vegan pancakes»