Boiled Corn [Recipe]

In the shops and markets, there were fresh corn cobs, which means that you can diversify the menu with new tastes. Young corn is beautiful in its raw form, especially if it is sweet. In boiled it is softer and tastes slightly different, but it is also delicious. Read more «Boiled Corn [Recipe]»

Vegan charlotte with apples [recipe]

The vegan diet

Today it is fashionable to sit on diets and constantly lose weight. But the diet is a temporary solution, then everything comes back and you have to lose weight again. And in order not to be bored, the diet needs to be changed. Correctly selected vegan diet can bring visible results in the form of a beautiful figure and perfect well-being. Read more «The Vegan Diet»

Artificial food

In today's world, food has become too important. Consumption of food has turned into leisure and entertainment. In this there is nothing wrong, since we are able to enjoy the food. But norms and rules should be observed if you want to be vigorous and maintain health, especially since artificial food began to predominate over natural. Read more "Artificial food"

Vegan Rolls

Sometimes you want to pamper yourself with an unusual dish with an unusual taste and such a dish can easily become a roll. Vegan rolls differ from the classic only in filling, otherwise the principle of preparation is identical. Read more «Vegan Rolls»

Dairy dependence

Milk plays a big role in our life. It contains almost all products. It is difficult for an average person to imagine life without milk. It is sold at every corner and is in every house. Dairy dependence has taken over the world. Read more "Dairy dependence"

Vegan cutlets from lentils

Today I will tell you a recipe for delicious vegan cutlets, prepared by my wife. To taste very similar to meat cutlets, only tender and low-fat. Such vegan cutlets can be added to a hamburger or used as a filling for a pie. The basis of the recipe is a green lentil. Read more «Vegan cutlets from lentils»

How to get rid of overeating

How to get rid of overeating

An age-old problem of all people, which does not give many peace - is overeating. Food haunts us everywhere, wherever you look - advertising food, someone, something chews, constant talk about food. And to understand how to get rid of overeating , you need to find the cause and remove it. Read more "How to get rid of overeating"

Problems of nutrition of people

We are used to getting cold regularly, wearing a handkerchief, drops in the nose, keeping a mountain of tablets at home, not knowing that most common diseases are people's nutritional problems . Read more «Problems of people's nutrition»

Vegan Menu

Many people think that vegetarians eat one grass, and vegans, in general, are not clear what. But it turns out that their food is much more interesting and richer than traditional dishes. The vegan menu is filled with new tastes and combinations that can be constantly improved and changed. Read more «Vegans Menu»