10 useful habits for every day

In order for life to be full and harmonious, one must perform certain actions every day. And everyday actions turn into habits that shape our lives. Today I will list 10 useful habits for every day that will make you better.

Useful habits for every day

  1. Read every day at least 30 minutes. Reading develops horizons, improves vocabulary and makes you an interesting companion. If there is no time to read, learn to read quickly - this can be done using books and special programs on a smartphone or computer. Once trained - this will turn into a useful habit for life.
  2. Run. The habit of running around in the morning, energizing for the whole day, improves mood, improves mental activity due to an abundant blood flow to the brain, increases libido, protects against cardiovascular diseases, improves skin condition, heals from depressions. In general, from running a solid good. Start with ten minutes of walking in the mornings, after a week start running for 1 minute, after a week 2 minutes and so until you can run for 1 hour.
  3. Learn to wake up as soon as possible. Morning is the best time for reading, easy sport, reflection, planning, meditation. In the morning, time flows more slowly and you can do a lot of things. Start to set the alarm for 5 minutes earlier than usual, after 2 weeks for another 5 minutes. Build a habit gradually, imperceptibly. To get up early, you need to go to bed early. At about 20:00, the hormone of sleep starts melatonin. The body recovers from 21:00 to 2:00. At this time, the hour of sleep goes for two. Early care = easy, early recovery.
  4. Sports and physical activity. I've mentioned a useful habit of running, but there are other sports. Any activity is good for the person, we are designed to move, use this opportunity everywhere: instead of walking the stairs, basically walk more, do an hour break for 5, 10 minutes, if you are an office employee, to walk and stretch , stand in the subway, do not sit on your leg (this shifts the vertebrae), try different kinds of sports to find your favorite, walk more in the fresh air, go to the park at the weekend or go out, help your parents at the dacha, run at home with the baby , in the summer Katai Entire cycling, swimming, winter skiing or skating. Be active every day.
  5. Settle the house and workplace. When everything is clean and lies in its place, there are no superfluous items, it works more efficiently and lives easier. Get rid of all the old, unnecessary things, selling or donating them, make a wardrobe for a few days, the rest takes an extra place. All torn, rubbed, broken - takes energy, throw it away or sell it with a calm soul. Know the law of conservation of energy in action: that something should come, something must go.
  6. Every day, do something new - it will bring diversity to your life, even any little thing in the form of a new route to work or a new meal. New combinations in clothes, books, places for walking with family, cities, countries, skills. Try to eat with your other hand, start learning a foreign language, speed reading, blind printing, a new sport, fly to another country, start traveling first within and then outside your city, learn your city thoroughly, change the dishes at home, rearrange the furniture , do some cosmetic repairs, go to museums, theaters, concerts and exhibitions, change jobs if you're bored. Live bright and diverse!
  7. Study the time management. Want more time for yourself and family, then learn how to effectively use the time. There are many secrets about how to do this. If you analyze the day of the average person, then 30% of the time goes nowhere: sotsseti, TV, long meals, again under the TV, empty chatter, lie in bed in the morning, smoke, coffee breaks. In addition, time is simply used ineffectively: constantly distracting factors at work, there is no plan for the day, there are no goals, life goes on as usual. And time is an irreplaceable resource, you can not return it yesterday. The habit of managing one's time is one of the best habits forever.
  8. Keep a diary of successes. Every day, in the evening, write down your progress for today in a special notebook or phone. This will raise your self-esteem, help focus on the positive and give energy for further action. It takes 5 minutes, and as a result, you will get a chronology of your everyday victories, which you can always reread if you start "dropping hands" or sobbing sadness. Write all the little things you did for the day: got up 5 minutes early, ate a healthy breakfast, walked on foot, agreed with the client, made an important call, paid more time to the family. All this is your small victory on the road to great success!
  9. Learn to notice everything in everything. Whatever bad event happens, ask yourself the question: "What good can I learn from this event?". You need to ask right away, until you are covered by a wave of despondency, anger or bad mood. While you go to work or walk, pay attention to all sorts of trivia: green grass, trees, sky, wind, sun, birds, children, animals, cleanliness. Look for the "light side of the coin" in everything - this will teach you not to despair, even in the most difficult situations. As they say, "optimists twist the globe".
  10. Eat as much as possible healthy food and get rid of bad habits. Food is the closest contact with the outside world. What you put in your mouth makes you either energetic or strong, or vice versa flaccid and apathetic. Study the literature on natural nutrition. Forget about diets. Be sure to read the article Than to replace harmful products - this will be the first step to your health and longevity. Stop eating fast food, sandwiches, drink soda, coffee and black tea from morning to night, there are many sweet, salty, meat, dairy, smoke and drink alcohol. You will feel much easier and more energetic. Take food with you in containers. Drink herbal teas. Have a snack with fruits and vegetables. Remember, "we are what we eat".

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